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WALNUT CREEK, CA – December 9, 2019 – Bright Apps LLC are the experts in the custom software development that’s innovative and transformational.  With decades of combined team experience in creating innovative technology for the private sector Bright Apps has begun to build partnerships within the US Government.  With expertise in AI, Blockchain and Quantum […]

Life With an Agile Team

AGILE adjective ag·​ile | \ ˈa-jəl , -ˌjī(-ə)l \ Definition of agile 1 : marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace an agile dancer 2 : having a quick resourceful and adaptable character an agile mind Innovation noun in·​no·​va·​tion | \ ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən \ Definition of innovation 1 : the introduction of something […]

Bright Apps LLC Signs CRADA Agreement with United States Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

WALNUT CREEK, CA – May 2, 2019 – Bright Apps LLC is proud to announce the signing of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the United States Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific to conduct research, testing, and evaluation related to Navy applications of quantum entropy, including the evaluation of the DATA’s encryption capabilities on […]

Why you need to implement quantum technologies now!

It was December 31, 1999 at 11:59 pm when the whole world waited for the moment when midnight would strike, and Y2K would crash the networked computers everywhere.  People around the world anticipated their biggest fears – what would happen with no air traffic control, power, water, or telephone communications networks that were all controlled […]

Breaking News: Bright Apps Signs First-Ever Quantum Standards

The Hudson Institute and Bright Apps LLC are proud to announce the creation of the first-ever standards for both Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) and Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG).
Today marks the submission of the first global QKD and QRNG recommendations to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) —meetings in Geneva are scheduled for January 22-30, 2019.

Where are Enterprises using AI? Everywhere!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is growing every day and yet only 15% of businesses are using AI. 31% of companies said AI is on the agenda for the next 12 months. (Source: Adobe).    Why? Statistics show that integrating AI into current business strategies leads to revolutionizing changes in business growth as well as the streamlining of practices […]

Creating a Culture of Innovation

5 tips to drive successful innovation for long term business sustainability It is an extraordinary time for innovation. The last 50 years have inspired more technological development than ever before. Technology is changing daily, and industry disruption is continuing at momentous speed. Digital information is linking individuals, organizations, and nation in ways that are changing […]

Bright Apps and Dispatch Announce Partnership

WALNUT CREEK, CA — August 28, 2018 — The software development company Bright Apps LLC and blockchain startup Dispatch are announcing a partnership today to develop a new enterprise-ready blockchain protocol and ecosystem based on the innovative Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS) algorithm. Dispatch will be the first blockchain protocol to leverage on-chain smart […]

Optimizing Your Bottom Line with Blockchain

What is Blockchain In the beginning, blockchain was just a computer science term for how to structure and share data.  But today, blockchain is considered as one of the catalysts that has ignited “The Fifth Industrial Revolution” of computing.  Think of blockchain as a multitude of distributed databases by a group of individuals rather than […]

What is the Difference Between a Blockchain and a Database?

As stated in their guide “What is Blockchain Technology?”, the difference between a traditional database and a blockchain begins with architecture, or how the technologies are orchestrated. A database running on the World Wide Web is most often using a client-server network architecture. A user (client) with permissions associated with their account can change entries that […]