Bright Apps LLC Quantum Integration Solution

Bright Apps Qcloud security solutions is a building component cloud service designed to provide high-quality sources of quantum entropy to IoT devices, embedded systems, cloud service providers and custom build solutions to ensure secure communication over the Internet. These sources of entropy are based on physical processes of quantum devices that can provide true randomness and securely delivered to your end point.

Bright Apps cloud security solutions:

  • Provides the most secure SSL

  • Integrates with any software language.

  • Allows for any application integration your business utilizes.

Quantum templates include:

  • Full Linux servers

  • Programming languages SDK libraries

  • Open SSL/Wolf SSL libraries

  • Front-end and backend application servers

  • Mobile and web custom applications


  • Developers Friendly

    The Bright Apps QCloud has been developed to work in all languages. This allows your IT or engineering team to easily be able to implement and integrate into your applications, platforms, custom systems and IoT Devices.

  • Vendor Neutrality

    The Bright Apps QCloud has been created to be a cost effective and easy solution for your security needs. It has been developed to work with any cloud vendor, web or mobile app. This will ensure easy integration or implementation into your systems.

  • Most secure

    The Bright Apps QCloud has revolutionized the security. Backed by Quantum Encryption, Bright Apps QCloud is the most secure of any security system proven by real world applications and platforms in production TODAY in collaboration with top players in the Quantum Industry.

  • Performance

    A lot of engineering went into bringing the best in class quality and performance of Bright Apps Quantum Cloud enabling an array of use cases not possible before. Your applications won’t behave differently than before, they will just magically adopt quantum encryption in a transparent fashion.

  • Versatility

    Being designed to cooperate with any technology, programming language or platform out-there – Bright Apps QCloud is flexible and adopts the shape you desire and follows you to enable the outcome you need.