The Benefits of Freelancers: How They Can Grow Your Company

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If you are just getting started growing your company, or you have more workload than you anticipated, it’s helpful to know that you don’t have to rely on the tedious process of screening and hiring employees. There are many freelancers out on the market who can help you achieve the same or even better results, and you only need to keep them around depending on if there is work. Bright Apps invites you to learn more about the benefits of using a freelancer and how they can make positive changes for your company at less of a cost.

Understanding How to Interview

You can find freelancers who offer web design, social media, marketing, editing or even logo design services, and much more. Freelancers typically have more than one client. When interviewing someone who you’d like to work for you on a contract basis, you should ask them questions that focus on their abilities, rather than expecting someone who will focus only on your company.

It can be helpful to find out:

  • Their availability
  • What previous examples of work looked like
  • Their experience
  • If they want to be part of a team of other freelancers

If you want, it’s possible to even have more than one freelancer working on an area, such as advertising or logo design services for your company. Since these individuals are self-employed, you can expect them to present their rates up front. Alternatively, you could let them know what you plan on offering and see if that figure works for them.

Covering the Costs

When it comes to paying your freelancers, funds may be in short supply, especially since you’re just starting out. To supplement your available funds, consider applying for a small business grant. While finding the appropriate grant can be a tedious process, it pays to have a solid understanding of what’s available in your industry or region. Grant writers will likely be keen to scrutinize your finances, so be sure that you aren’t carrying too much debt. Bear in mind that grants tend to fluctuate based on the market, so before wasting time on an application, make sure the grant you’re seeking is both open and that you’re eligible.

The Nuances Between Freelancers and Employees

It’s also crucial to note that freelancers are treated differently than employees with regard to hiring and compensation. Understanding the differences between employees and contractors can help you avoid problems when tax time arrives. Make sure you are following labor laws that highlight the difference between the two groups.

Above all, you want to avoid misclassifying a contractor. You give freelancers a job and ask them to execute it. You would not do performance reviews or give them holidays or company benefits. In this manner, contractors can save you money in the long run; you might pay more for their services, but less overall in benefits.

How to Manage Payroll with Freelancers

When dealing with the payroll side of taking on an independent contractor, you might find it easier to work with payroll software. This can relieve you of issues such as figuring taxes (freelancers pay their own, so there is no need to take any out for them). Some payroll services can automatically generate paychecks, autopay your taxes, and offer free direct deposit as well. It’s a great way to ensure your payroll is both accurate and timely.

If you are looking for a way to have professional quality work performed for your company, sometimes getting an independent contractor is the right answer. Working with a freelancer can help your business grow into something bigger than you ever imagined.

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