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Bright Apps LLC utilizes Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the way businesses operate and make decisions. Our team’s deep expertise enables us to employ AI across various realms, from predictive modeling and reinforced learning to object recognition & tracking, creating smart systems that learn, reason, and solve problems just like humans. We specialize in creating custom AI solutions tailored to your business needs, whether that’s automating high-volume operations, reducing decision time, summarizing complex scenarios, or providing real-time insights. Our commitment to creating accessible, cutting-edge AI technology extends to all levels of government, industry, and commercial business.



BrightApps is leading the way in Generative AI and Large Language Model (LLM) services by offering cost-effective, tailored solutions that cater to the specific needs of each client. We specialize in developing personalized LLMs that utilize your unique data, ensuring that the AI solutions we provide are not only highly efficient but also directly relevant to your business challenges. Our approach centers on creating purpose-built models that deliver accuracy and performance without the high costs associated with broad, one-size-fits-all AI libraries. At BrightApps, we’re dedicated to making advanced Generative AI both accessible and functional, designing custom models that drive innovation and value for your business.


MatchStrike™ by Bright Apps LLC is an innovative AI and ML-driven matching system. While the US Space Force adopts it for Talent Operations Management, MatchStrike™ is domain agnostic, supporting diverse communities across datasets. It enables organizations of all sizes to tackle data challenges, enhance user experience, automate processes, and improve decision-making, reducing costs and time to market. The Space Force funds R&D to tailor MatchStrike™ for their unique needs, leveraging its capabilities to understand competencies, experiences, and career development of Guardians within the context of their workforce plan, aligning mission requirements with the right Guardians.


Air Force (AF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) AF221-DCSO1 Phase II

"Our approach is unique within the industry as we embrace AI/ML methodologies and technologies that allow MatchStrike™ to determine relationships across large data sets on its own, without the need for users to manually build complex taxonomies and without the need for tens of millions of records to train the AI."

Needs recognition matching

More than algorithms, Bright Apps works to understand where to bridge existing information with their data insights and predictive modeling to increase the likelihood of staffing professionals to optimize their time and close loop faster with greater success. In turn, staffing professionals found improvements in the quality of candidate matches for each employer request faster and more efficiently. Ideas backed with data and modeling continue to drive improvements forward being both agile and adaptive to respond to actual usage of the system.Improving the quality of candidates shared with clients and increasing the engagement satisfaction of both parties. The use of algorithms improves the time to make connections and keeps the human touch. Building partnerships that curate the modern recipe for hiring success – balancing data and human relationships.

"How can technology assist staffing professionals to make quality matches faster and improve interaction with clients and candidates?"



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