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At BrightApps, we are redefining Artificial Intelligence by placing humans at the center of innovation. We design AI solutions with a focus on enhancing human capabilities, not replacing them, creating a symbiotic relationship where AI learns from human insight and intuition. Our human-centric AI approach encompasses everything from intelligent automation and predictive analytics to AI-powered applications and decision-making tools. This approach not only leads to more accurate, efficient, and beneficial outcomes, but also fosters trust and collaboration between humans and AI.


Autonomous Robotics Empowering Technology Through Ethical AI

ARETE (Autonomous Robotics Empowering Technology through Ethical AI) is an autonomous robotic system, providing situational awareness without GPS or external supervision. Utilizing a decentralized framework, the robots, including air units like HERA drones, communicate and collaborate on various tasks, like search and rescue missions.

Key features of the system include:

  • Real-time data gathering and sharing for efficient execution of tasks, such as scanning unknown areas and delegating search zones.
  • Creation of 3D maps from the collected data, aiding in environment assessment during disastrous situations.
  • Image recognition capabilities to identify terrain types and narrow down areas of interest dynamically.
  • Flexibility to dynamically attach or detach units for battery optimization and data returning.
  • Reduction of resources traditionally used in search and rescue operations, like manned helicopters, thereby improving victim survival rates and decreasing costs.

The system aligns with FEMA’s disaster management phases: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. It finds use in mitigation and recovery phases through vulnerability assessment, risk modeling, damage assessment, and infrastructure recovery. It is particularly valuable during the response phase, aiding in search and rescue, rapid damage assessment, and debris clearance.

Overall, ARETE’s autonomous drone technology offers a promising approach to disaster management, potentially saving lives and reducing economic loss.

Highly Efficient Rescue Aircraft (search and rescue)

HERA (Highly Efficient Rescue Aircraft) is a critical component of the ARETE (Autonomous Robotics Empowering Technology through Ethical AI) framework. It consists of drones designed to aid in search and rescue operations.

HERA drones play a pivotal role in disaster management by gathering real-time data at the tactical edge, without the need for an external supervisor or GPS assistance. Working collaboratively within the ARETE system, each drone shares vital information to execute efficient search and rescue scenarios.

During operations, HERA drones scan unknown areas, gather data, and maintain a 3D map of the environment. The framework equips these drones with image recognition capabilities, enabling them to identify different terrain types and dynamically narrow down areas of interest. This not only improves search precision but also optimizes battery usage, ensuring prolonged operational capabilities.

The benefits of utilizing HERA drones for search and rescue missions are substantial. Their small size allows them to access areas that may be inaccessible to traditional methods, like manned helicopters or first responders. By providing a close-up view and assessment of the environment, HERA drones enhance safety and efficiency during rescue efforts.

In the four phases of disaster management defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), HERA drones contribute significantly during the response phase. They aid in search and rescue operations, rapid damage assessment, and temporary debris clearance. This crucial involvement can lead to improved victim survival rates and reduced costs and labor for first responders.

The integration of HERA within the ARETE framework marks a groundbreaking and potentially life-saving approach to search and rescue operations in disaster management. By maximizing the potential of HERA drones, this innovative technology proves indispensable in addressing disaster-related challenges efficiently and effectively.



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