Innovation Labs

We innovate daily.

It’s a tricky balance innovation and client work.  So often what we are working on “isn’t done yet” so it isn’t mentioned or it is done for a client and we protect the confidentiality of their work.

This is why we have created our “Innovation Lab” page.  To talk about our work in process and some of the tech that we are using to move us forward.

HERA Demo - Drones in Action

This is an early demo of HERA -the drone component of our work.  Powered by ARETE,  HERA works in GPS denied environments – providing  object detection and custom AI models to create situational awareness.   The framework provides the ability to recognize a terrain type through image recognition, so that the area of interest needing to be searched can be provided as a boundary with a description.

The applications of HERA are limitless, but if you need a backstory, imagine a search and rescue operation where GPS is impossible and HERA is looking through rough terrain to find any evidence of a lost hiker.

Digital Introductions: ARETE

Meet Mac McGregor, our lead engineer on the ARETE program.  ARETE uses a distributed system of autonomous robots:  working together they can create situational awareness when GPS or external supervision is not possible.

Talking Heads using OpenAI

What more fun that talking about Quantum entropy?  Here our CEO Greg McGregor plays with ChatGPT to animate his profile pic talking about our Quantum Entropy Integrator.

Our quantum software integrates with your existing software stack.  We use quantum entropy to give you the highest level of data security to protect against future computing threats.

Innovating it IoT - PUF

We play with a variety of tech to be ready to create end to end solutions for our clients. In this case, we shared our knowledge of PUF by creating this intro video.

Bright Apps on AFCEA Sharktank

In 2019 Bright Apps had the opportunity to pitch Q Cloud to the AFCEA shark tank. 

In this demo pitch we introduce Q Cloud – the BrightApps custom solution that allows entities to insert quantum tools into existing software stacks.

Webinar: AI to Solve Real World Problems

The heart of our work is end to end solutions to real world problems. In this AFCEA webinar we got a chance to talk about AI in the real world.

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