Canming Huang

AI / ML Data Scientist

Canming Huang is an AI specialist with over 15 years of experience in data science, machine learning, and image processing. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Vision from York University in Toronto. At Bright Apps, his primary responsibilities involve the design and implementation of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision systems. Canming develops innovative software solutions tailored to address complex real-world problems across various industries.

As a Data Scientist, his work includes AI system development, computer vision integration, and research and innovation related to advancements in AI and machine learning. Aside from his technical responsibilities, Canming is also involved in interdepartmental collaborations, client engagement, and AI system optimization.

One recent project Canming is proud of is an AI algorithm he designed and implemented for a military client to extract and analyze the skills, qualifications, and competencies of personnel to streamline assessment and deployment processes.

Outside of work, Canming is the creator and maintainer of two open-source projects, Emgu CV and Emgu TF. Emgu CV is a .NET wrapper for OpenCV, providing a powerful library for computer vision applications accessible to .NET developers. Emgu TF is a .NET interface to TensorFlow, allowing developers to leverage the capabilities of TensorFlow within the .NET ecosystem. Both projects have gained significant traction within the developer community, contributing to the advancement of computer vision and machine learning technologies.

Canming designs and trains deep learning networks to help create industry-leading intelligent systems. He is an Open Source developer of an image processing library with more than a million downloads in a year. Canming breaks down barriers and takes AI innovation to the next level.



Innovation Solution

Revolutionizing the AI through the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning using Computer Vision / Image Processing and Open Source & cross-platform software development.

Image Processing

Emgu CV
Open CV
GPU processing


LLM (large language model)
Text embeddings
Text Classification



Machine Learning

Emgu TF