Carolyn Trinta

Chief Business Development Officer

Carolyn Trinta is an accomplished and skilled business development leader. She is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts and clarity of business creates continuous growth and development for the team. Her experience across various industries gives her the agility to work with across all levels of business. Carolyn is highly regarded in the industry as an intuitive driver of business and a guiding force when it comes to trends and driving business to the next level. Her expertise in researching and evaluating trends to drive and support the team to stay on top of the latest in disruptive technology trends. She drives the team initiatives to support the US government.


Strategic Planning
Proposal Development
Sales Leadership
Scenario Planning

Innovation Solutions

Create diverse business partnerships and opportunities crafted to fit an innovative team working with disruptive edge technologies.

Business Development

Relationship development
Customer acquisitions
Qualifying Leads

Market Entry

Develop Marketing Strategies
Market / Approach Entry Plans
Building Partnerships

Research / Analytics

Forecasting Markets
Proposal Team Leadership
Critical Analysis

Government Relations

Programmatic Expertise
Analytical knowledge of government trends
Relationship Development
Collaboration building