Greg McGregor


UC Davis BS, Computer Science & Mathematics

Greg McGregor is sought out for his expertise in innovation and technology. Leading the industry in Artificial Intelligence and AI Innovation by creating cutting edge Predictive AI, Image Recognition and Reinforced Learning. With a reputation of being ahead of the curve in technology innovations and implementation he has built a team under the Bright Apps Brand. Through his leadership the engineers create and grow technologies to help produce an efficient streamlined process to move companies forward into the future. In addition to his expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Greg has forged new paths towards the future of Quantum Entropy Security Systems and Quantum Entropy used in AI. He is leading the development of a Quantum Entropy security system and the Bright Apps three tiered approach to AI. Both these products are revolutionizing how business is done. Greg is on the forefront of Open Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless, and Big Data technology. A strategist with the innate ability to visualize and create next generation technologies, Greg’s expertise positions him to develop a sustainable and secure digital foundation for Ai Solutions.

Greg McGregor is leading a team of expert engineers into the future of Quantum Entropy security systems with the development of the Quantum Integrator. He is on the forefront for the open blockchain, artificial intelligence, wireless and big data technology and a strategist with the innate ability to visualize and develop next generation technologies. His expertise has positioned him in developing sustainable and secure digital foundation for blockchain.

Following his visionary leadership, the Bright Apps team has been able to create digitized process that have increased revenue, decreased cost and pushed companies into the next level of service.

Cloud Architectures

Google Cloud
Narrow AI & ML

Quantum Technologies


Cyber Security 

Networking Protocols
Policy Creation



Innovation Solutions

Creation of innovative ethical AI solutions to improve business models for industry as well as government. Leader of a team of innovative engineers creating disruptive technology to better enable business and government.

Focus on innovation transformations for Fortune 500 companies and government through disruptive technologies, AI, Quantum, Blockchain, custom web and mobile development from concept to release. Visionary leadership led to being awarded winner of the AFCEA Shark Tank and multiple international patents.

International Patents

SIM-centric mobile commerce system for deployment in a legacy network infrastructure (#8639215)
Method and system for quality of service (QoS) monitoring for wireless devices (#8423014)
Method and system for quality of service (QoS) monitoring for wireless devices (# 7596373)
Mobile phone distribution system (#7058386)
Mobile phone system with host processor coordination and internal mobile phone accounting capabilities (#6650887)
Mobile phone distribution system having programming and tracking (#6243574)
Mobile phone with internal accounting (#6198915)
Mobile phone with internal call accounting controls (#5625669)
Mobile phone with internal accounting (#5577100)
Cellular phone accounting system (#5325418)