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As a business owner, you know how many out-of-the-ordinary tasks need to be done so that your business can stay afloat and thrive. You also know how little time you have to do these tasks as you’re trying to stay focused on the big picture and run your business.

For the jobs and projects that you don’t have time for and/or are not equipped to do, hiring freelancers might be your best option. While it costs money, it’s less expensive than hiring full-time employees, and it will save you valuable time and energy. Here are a few tasks/projects to consider hiring out to freelancers, from software developers like BrightApps to niche content writers:

LLC Formation

One of the most essential steps in starting or advancing a business is choosing the right legal structure. For many small businesses, forming an LLC is the best option. Along with limiting your liability, operating as an LLC comes with a variety of tax advantages. Moreover, it requires less paperwork to form and offers more flexibility than a corporation.

Nonetheless, forming an LLC can still require a significant amount of time and energy, and the rules and regulations for doing so vary by state. Hiring a formation service can relieve you of these duties, and you’ll end up spending less money than if you were to hire a lawyer.

Software Development

This is a very broad industry. Software development refers to the process of creating and maintaining the source code behind mobile and web applications, frameworks, and other types of software. In the most basic sense, hiring a software developer can benefit your business by:

Software development can do even more than this for your business. And since it is a complex process that requires expertise and training, it’s a task best left to the professionals.


Small businesses are big targets for cybercriminals. This is primarily because hackers know that many small businesses are not prepared for an attack. Don’t let your company’s or customers’ information be compromised due to a lack of security systems and protocols. Hire a cybersecurity specialist who can help you develop and maintain a security process and install the right software for your business.

Niche Content Writing

Content is more important than ever. Each day, more and more consumers are finding businesses and shopping for products and services online. Having quality content on your website that informs and entertains visitors can do wonders for growing and solidifying your customer base.

While many freelance writers can produce content on a wide array of subjects, you might benefit from finding a writer who specializes in your niche. Whether you’re in tech, marketing, retail, automotive repair, health and fitness, or any other industry, getting a writer who is an expert in your niche can make it easier to provide relevant information to your audience and build your reputation in the industry.

For most small business owners, there comes a point when you just can’t do all that needs to be done. And unless you have the experience and skills to do a task efficiently, doing it yourself will inevitably waste your time, energy, and money. Consider hiring freelancers to handle the niche jobs and projects listed here — along with other tasks — so that you can get back to focusing on the big picture of your company.

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Naomi Johnson created lifebasedbusiness.net for small business owners, creatives, solopreneurs, boss babes and bros, and side hustlers who are committed to designing their careers to accommodate how they want to live, instead of the other way around. Through her site, Naomi offers practical advice and inspiration to help others adopt the life-based business mentality and change their lives in immensely positive, fulfilling ways.

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