Jakub Zajac

Software Engineer

A distinguished senior software developer and DevOps engineer, Jakub specializes in iOS/iPadOS/tvOS applications, HLS streaming troubleshooting, and technical leadership in blockchain-based products. His expertise spans research, planning, innovative design, and advanced problem-solving. An expert in the design and architecture of comprehensive full-stack and Smart Contract solutions, he adeptly manages intricate business logic across interconnected Smart Contracts, particularly in blockchain’s decentralized file systems and protocols such as custom NFTs, storage solutions, and crypto exchanges. His breadth of knowledge includes being well-versed in maintaining infrastructure on Azure with Kubernetes support and also pushing the limits of drone capabilities through experimentation and innovation.


Bootstrap, Git, MySQL, MySQL cluster, Google App Engine, ElasticSearch, AngularJS, Vaadin, Docker, Guice, Apache Mesos, Terraform, Python, Java, Claudera


Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services

Innovation Solutions

Building and customizing drones

Fine-Tuning Drone Configurations

Hands-on Experimentation & Innovation

Operating Systems