Lee Ann Akaji

Strategic Software Advisor

Lee Ann Akaji is a Strategic Software Advisor, serving as the strategic liaison between engineering, operations, and business development units. She excels at translating technical jargon into everyday language for non-technical team members and vice versa. In her role, Lee Ann supports teams through coaching, planning, roadmapping, removing barriers, and filling gaps to ensure project success. She is currently cleaning data for a project utilizing RAG, agents, and prompts, leveraging recent learning to stay current with the technology used. Lee Ann recently completed an MIT No Code AI and Machine Learning course to better understand the work her teams are engaged in.

Lee Ann is a customer-centric, results-driven leader and change agent focused on delivering transformative business value outcomes. She has over 20 years of experience leading and organizing teams and 35+ years as a writer and editor. Her experience spans from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in areas such as AI/ML, bioinformatics, biotechnology, wet lab, business operations, software, hardware, networking, and IT Operations. Lee Ann takes tactical information, elevates it to the strategic level, and connects impacts across teams and organizations to communicate information effectively. She bridges communication barriers by translating technical concepts into more familiar language. Lee Ann thrives in challenging environments where opportunities for improvement and growth abound.

Change Agent

Embrace and Encourage Change
Empowering Teams
Engage Stakeholders
Align Leadership
Facilitate Clear Communications
Research & Data-Driven Decision-Making


Critical Thinking
Bias toward Action


Technical Liaison
Conflict Management
Expectation Setting

Strategic Management

Design Thinking
Creative Problem Solving
Planning / Forecasting
Program Management
Project Management (PMP)


Scrum (CSM)
SAFe 5.0


Innovation Statement

Creation of innovative ethical AI solutions to improve business models for industry as well as government. Leader of a team of innovative