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We believe it is essential that humans guide the creation and evolution of AI.

At Bright Apps, we firmly believe in human-guided creation and evolution of AI, maintaining an ethical stance that is as advanced as our technology. Understanding that neither AI nor humans are perfect, we continuously evaluate and iterate our approaches to ensure an ethically grounded product. Acknowledging the absence of a single defining authority for ethical AI, we’ve performed in-depth reflection as individuals, a team, and a provider of AI solutions across industries to develop our own ethical guidelines. We operate a company-wide ethics conversation and training, involving every team member in AI ethics, encouraging diversity and ensuring all perspectives are heard. An internal ethics committee spearheads our approach, holds us accountable, and facilitates quarterly ethics reviews to provide timely and actionable bias evaluations. As a military contractor, we undergo rigorous audits of our financial and ethical practices and maintain transparency in helping our clients navigate bias audits for the tech we create. We stay updated with changing AI laws and policies, protect our clients’ data security and privacy, and remain open to learning and improvement.

Human-guided AI

At Bright Apps, we believe in the power of human-guided AI, iteratively refining our tech to ensure ethical considerations are at the forefront.

Ethics in Practice

We encourage a company-wide conversation on AI ethics, with an internal committee leading the charge, ensuring diversity of perspectives and accountability.

Rigorous Audits

As a military contractor, we submit to thorough audits and maintain a transparent approach in helping clients navigate changing AI laws and policies.

Data Security & Privacy

Prioritizing security and privacy, we safeguard our clients' data, always remaining open to learning and improvement.

We innovate daily

It’s a tricky balance innovation and client work. So often what we are working on “isn’t done yet” so it isn’t mentioned or it is done for a client and we protect the confidentiality of their work.

This is why we have created our “Innovation Lab” page. To talk about our work in process and some of the tech that we are using to move us forward.



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