Zahir Alsulaimawi

Data Scientist - Machine Learning Engineer

Zahir Alsulaimawi is a dedicated researcher and engineer with a strong background in electrical and computer engineering. His passion lies in the intersection of deep learning, machine learning, and privacy-preserving technologies. Zahir holds a Ph.D. from Oregon State University, where he specialized in developing innovative frameworks for privacy preservation and fairness in machine learning.With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Zahir’s work spans various domains, including federated learning, signal processing, and software-defined radio. He has a proven track record of academic excellence, having earned multiple honors and awards for his outstanding achievements.Zahir Alsulaimawi’s expertise and contributions in the fields of privacy-preserving and fairness-enhancing machine learning make him a valuable asset to the technology community.

Deep Learning and Machine Learning

Neural Networks
Transfer Learning
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Computer Vision
Time Series Analysis
Ensemble Learning

Innovation Solution

Pushing the boundaries of technology to create ethical innovative solution focused technologies.
Federated Learning
Privacy-Preserving Algorithms
Model Aggregation
Client-Server Communication
Distributed Deep Learning
Data Partitioning
Algorithm Optimization

Ethical Technologies and Regulations

Fairness and Bias Mitigation
Privacy-Preserving Technologies
Transparency and Explainability
Algorithmic Accountability
Data Ethics
User-Centered Design

Programming and Coding

Signal Processing