Are You Interested in a Career in IT? Insights Below!

IT is a catch-all term for jobs that have to do with computer and internet technology. There are dozens (or more) roles in IT that range from entry-level help desk to CIO. Not surprisingly, virtually all information technology jobs are expected to grow, even as we navigate the pandemic. Landing a job in IT requires experience, education, and personality traits that allow you to stay calm and focused under pressure. Interested? Read on for more information on how to go about getting your first IT position.

Research the types of jobs available.

We’ve already mentioned that IT jobs are varied and plenty. Bright Apps has job openings for positions ranging from junior web developer intern to machine learning engineer. A few of the most common IT roles are technical support, programmer/developer, analyst, cybersecurity, and network engineer.

Get an education.

Once you have an idea of what, exactly, you would like to do, it’s time to pursue opportunities to learn about your preferred profession. Even if you already have some basic skills, you can still make yourself more marketable by earning your IT or computer sciences degree online. This will give you an opportunity to get familiar with computer theory, systems architecture, logic, data structure, and other important elements of information technology.

Going to school online means that you can continue to work in your current job while pursuing something new. Before you apply, look to see if you are eligible for grants or scholarships. You don’t have to be a high school student either. Penny Hoarder explains that there are lots of scholarships that adult students can take advantage of.

Know your strengths.

Obviously, you need at least some technical skills to get your foot through the door. But what you might not know is that there are plenty of soft skills that will make you an in-demand IT professional. At the top of the list is communication. No matter what type of role you wind up in, you must be able to effectively communicate with your superiors, team members, and other departments. Strong organizational skills, analytical abilities, project management, and creativity — along with problem-solving and resourcefulness — are other skills to evaluate and refine.


Network, network, network! While you can absolutely find a job on your own, there are few better ways to land your dream role than by knowing someone who already has a foothold in your preferred company. There are many networking organizations dedicated to IT professionals, including Network Professional Association, Software Development Forum, and Women in Technology. You’ll also want to make sure to maintain professional relationships with coworkers and current and former employers. After all, you never know when an opportunity may arise during a casual conversation.

Keep up with technology.

Technology changes quickly, which is evidenced in the world around us. IT professionals are the ones perpetuating changes and advancement in hardware and software and on the World Wide Web. Don’t ever get comfortable thinking that you know everything. Trust that even a few months’ hiatus makes a big difference in how technology interacts with people. Read books, take a few online refresher courses, and, no matter how far you come in your career, spend some time doing the “low-level” grunt work so that you can maintain your technical skills.

A career in information technology is a smart choice. With salaries easily topping the $100,000 mark, IT pros are some of the best paid in the US. It’s not always easy, and you have to keep yourself up to date all the time. But if you have a love of learning and don’t mind a challenge, your next job awaits! Check out the Bright Apps Training Center for the competencies you need.

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