Turn data streams into decisions with Bright360

Applying computer vision for business applications lets companies capture, analyze, and translate data from more sources than humanly possible. Using advanced computer vision models and neural networks, Bright360 classifies complex visual information to enable immediate, accurate decision-making.


How It Works

Real-Time Analysis & Processing

The challenge for companies isn’t just about capturing data, but translating into timely decision-making. Bright360 helps you avoid data overload with real-time analysis of continuous data streams using convolutional neural networks and advanced computer vision.

Situational Intelligence

Operational success often depends on accurate, prompt situational analysis. With Bright360, you’re able to turn visual data into actionable insights through advanced object detection, semantic segmentation, and multi-object tracking.

Integrated & Highly Relevant

Bright360’s computer vision solutions are customized to your industry’s specific use cases as pre-trained models or bespoke neural architectures and can be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Customization includes enhancing security protocols, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and more.

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