Digitally Transforming the Warfighter


Capabilities Statement

Bright Apps LLC provides professional services, custom software development and an assortment of innovative technology. With decades of experience and a vast variety of skills that allow them to bring together the latest solutions in innovation and technology to create superior AI, blockchain applications, mobile apps, web tools and now Quantum Security Solutions for companies. The Bright Apps QCloud team won the AFCEA Innovation Shark Tank with a groundbreaking quantum security solution leveraging quantum entropy. The solution is a game-changer for secure communications ensuring the highest level of security possible, including support for Post-Quantum Encryption.

Value Proposition

Desire to support the US government in Innovation, security and technologies that keep our country safe.


  • Air Force (AF) X21.1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS OPENING (CSO)
  • Air Force (AF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) AF221-DCSO1 Phase II
  • Army 23.4 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I A234-007: AI/ML Open Topic

Azoth Intelligent AI

Bright Apps recognizes that building AI algorithms for augmented decision making and task automation is not always easy. Bright Apps has created an AI tool kit to enable augmented decision making, task automation and to produce more and efficient systems. To learn more about how we create real life solutions using AI watch our latest webinar.

Quantum Integrator

Bright Apps has created the next generation quantum entropy solutions that provide the most advanced, cutting-edge security for your cloud. Security that will revolutionize how you do business. Bright Apps LLC Quantum Integrator is a software solution that integrates with server stacks ensuring the highest level of security throughout your networked system to prevent future computing threats. Creating the highest level of data security though the utilization of Quantum Entropy.


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