Helps Autonomous Units Work Better Together

Decision-making framework that enables teams of robotic units to coordinate, prioritize, and execute tasks in perfect synchronization, BrightShields operates at the tactical edge in GPS and WiFi-denied environments and without an external supervisor.  In scenarios requiring intelligent robotic unit collaboration, BrightShields facilitates quicker missions and smarter resource allocation.


How It Works

Intelligent Robotic Collaboration

Using the BrightShields framework, robotic units communicate and collaborate as a team, sharing information, resources, and tasks and working independently while being aware of each other. For example, a team of drones can operate efficiently while scanning a geographical location, working independently yet always aware of each other unit.

Extends Hardware Capabilities

BrightShields can be implemented within any robotic system. Drones equipped with BrightShields gain autonomous flight capabilities, secure communication, a data collection and processing system, any mechanical functions necessary for a particular use case, and appropriate sensor payloads.


Gain The Edge At The Tactical Edge

BrightShields provides a decentralized and distributed system that operates solely on top of the robotic units, removing the need for communication with an external supervisor. This allows robotic units to operate autonomously yet intelligently in GPS and WiFi-denied environments.

Built To Make Brilliant Decisions

BrightShields is built on a framework of synchronized AI models that utilizes multi-modal data to perform real-time analysis and decision-making. Setting parameters  provides enhanced flexibility during missions, adding a higher level of situational awareness that enables robotic units to either task priority based on urgency or allocate the task to a more appropriate unit.

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