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WALNUT CREEK, CA – November 6, 2021 – Bright Apps LLC has been providing innovative custom software development solutions to companies for decades. The core team consists of world class engineers with expertise in AI Solutions, BlockChain technologies, Quantum Entropy Security Solutions and many other cutting edge technologies. Specializing in disruptive technologies if you can dream it we can build it! 

In collaboration with MindEdge Learning, Bright Apps LLC is announcing updates to their training center. The course selection has been chosen to reflect the expertise of the team. With the changing dynamics of the workforce we realize how unique and important the impact of sharing skills Bright Apps has in addition to being an established remote team. 

“We are excited to continue our work with MindEdge Learning and provide professional development opportunities.” CEO, Greg McGregor

About MindEdge Learning

MindEdge is a learning house with four different doors. Inside these doors, the rooms of our house are all constructed with the same high-quality materials, expertly designed, and learner-approved. MindEdge’s for-credit courses and student success products serve institutions of higher education.

MindEdge’s mission is to improve the way the world learns. Since our founding by Harvard and MIT educators in 1998, we have served some two million learners. 

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About Bright Apps LLC

Bright Apps LLC specializes in Quantum Technology Solutions, AI, Blockchain and custom development, end-to-end software solutions. With decades of experience in creating innovative technology and a group of highly skilled engineers, the company can work in any discipline as well as provide graphic, IT consulting and business development services. Bright Apps delivers experts in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AI, Blockchain and quantum entropy security solutions.

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