Bright Apps LLC Announces New Website Launch

Bright Apps LLC, California based technology company specializing in artificial intelligence, is pleased to announce the launch of their updated website. The primary goal of the redesign was to update and refocus on the core business. We are your experts in disruptive technologies. Leading the way in creating custom AI solutions, Blockchain, Quantum and custom website and mobile app development.

“The primary goal of the redesign was to update and refocus on what we do best. We take pride in being experts in disruptive technology and providing the best in concierge service.”  Greg McGregor, Bright Apps LLC.  

Bright Apps has worked across several industries to develop one of a kind custom business platforms. We have developed custom solutions for Education, Non-Profit, Start Ups, Blockchain, HR Recruiting & Staffing, Financial Management, Social Media and Live Streaming Platforms.

The  primary goal during the redesign was to update and re-focus on what we do best. Specifically, we wanted to focus on the extraordinary work the Bright Apps development team has done in AI and the creation of the Three Tier Approach to AI – Predictive, Reinforced Learning and Recognition & Tracking. The launch of Bright Apps Intelligent AI and Azoth Intelligent AI for the government has led to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with the U.S. Air Force. 

Keep up to date on our latest professional development visit the Bright Apps training center and visit our new library for the latest in videos, white papers and partner resources.

About Bright Apps LLC

Bright Apps LLC has decades of combined team experience in creating innovative technology that helps companies rise to new heights in their industries. Our team brings an unprecedented level of expertise in disruptive technologies, software development and security. Specializing in the development of custom, end-to-end software solutions for clients, and having worked with fortune 500 companies, startups, the U. S. government has given unique expertise and insight to the latest technology needs.

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