Keep Your Business Secure in the Digital World

The internet is more than just a place for online socialization and to download cat memes. Today, the digital space in our homes and on our mobile devices is where we store our valuable family photos and connect with the world around us. Many of us even work from our homes using the internet as a virtual office. This is great for quality of life and mobility, but not always so great for digital security.

What Hackers Want

Hackers usually operate with one of two trains of thought: They either want to gain access to your information or they want to prevent you from accessing it. Hackers steal data — such as your customers’ names, email addresses, and passwords — to log into accounts or send spam emails. Similarly, they might sell the information on the dark web. Once there, all of this stolen information is available to anyone willing to pay.

When cybercriminals prevent access to information, they do so in hopes that you will pay them to regain control. They will often send a virus that locks your data until you purchase a decryption code, which Computer Hope asserts is a passcode or piece of software that can unscramble the data. ZDNet calls ransomware one of the most prominent threats on the internet today and explains that it is often brought into an organization when someone unwittingly clicks on a malicious email attachment.

Protect Yourself

As more and more of us work from home, protecting our companies’ systems and data becomes even more challenging than when our workforce is in a single location. Home office security is not as sophisticated as that found in a corporate environment. Because of this, it pays to know how you and your employees can work together to keep your digital assets secure.

A few ways to do this are to:

  • Establish a relationship with a ransomware recovery firm. This will ensure that you have a team of IT professionals who are up-to-date on both industry practices and the latest cyberattack methods. They will keep your data continually backed up on a server, likely on the cloud, with limited access. The right ransomware solution will use industry-best practices, limit access to backup copies, and restrict changes to backup storage. Do your research before you hire a cybersecurity firm — don’t be shy about asking for references or confirming their capabilities, pricing, and availability.
  • Train yourself and your employees in cybersecurity. Speaking of the cloud, chances are good that you use it now for employee collaboration and data storage. Ensure that your managers and key employees have a handle on how to protect data being transmitted to and from their home offices. Bright Apps A Manager’s Guide to Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity is an affordable online training program that can give your management team a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity.
  • Protect your PCs. Make sure that all employees have antivirus software installed on their computers. It’s also smart to set permissions on your email programs that require confirming a download for opening an attachment. It’s also a good idea to have all systems updated routinely and back up each computer — not just your networks — to prevent infected files from becoming fully unrecoverable.

You would not let a criminal walk into your front lobby knowing their intentions were to shut down your operation. Don’t let them come into your digital back doors, either. Learn the threats, and take steps to prevent a cyber-catastrophe. From partnering with a recovery firm to training your management team, everything you do today adds a layer of protection that will keep your data and files safe and accessible.

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