December 9, 2019/0 Comments/by Bright Apps LLC

WALNUT CREEK, CA – December 9, 2019 – Bright Apps LLC are the experts in the custom software development that’s innovative and transformational.  With decades of combined team experience in creating innovative technology for the private sector Bright Apps has begun to build partnerships within the US Government. 

With expertise in AI, Blockchain and Quantum Security and over a decade of implementation in the private sector Bright Apps is well positioned to help improve current government infrastructure as well as innovative creative solutions.  

 “At Bright Apps, we currently transform Fortune 500 companies along with assisting funded startups bring new innovative solutions to the market-place.  We are excited to bring these capabilities to the US government to help our country excel”. Greg McGregor, CEO Bright Apps LLC 

After winning the AFCEA Shark Tank, Season 3, Episode 1  Bright Apps LLC was primed to be in a position to help and make a difference in the government sector.  After years of success in the private sector this will be an opportunity for the team to make a difference within the US government. 

“We are happy to be in the business of bringing innovative technology to our partners and now we are able to bring that technology to our US government.  Bright Apps is proud to be able to connect government agencies with technology that will help them provide and protect.” Carolyn Trinta, Chief Business Development Officer

Bright Apps LLC will continue to provide innovative solutions in the private sector while exploring ways to be of support to the United States Government.