Bright Apps LLC partners with QRC America LLC

March 14, 2020/0 Comments/by Bright Apps LLC

WALNUT CREEK, CA – March 10, 2020 – Bright Apps LLC partners with QRC America LLC to integrate quantum-safe communication capabilities between the United States and its global allies’ military hardware.

QRC America‘s “eAES” quantum resistant symmetric key algorithm is based on trademarked Swiss technology “eAES” and is the only “commercial for classified Suite-B” quantum-resistant symmetric key algorithm available to export to all of the United States’ global allies. Bright Apps’s Quantum keys further strengthens the offering between the two companies.  Bright Apps connections into the government market ensure access to these advanced technologies to better help our allies.  We are jointly targeting the integration of advanced United States military equipment to replace classified algorithms that cannot be exported.   This will enable integrated quantum safe communication capabilities between the United States and its partners and allies’ military hardware.

“Bright Apps is excited to be partnering with QRC America.  The combination of QRC America’s eAES technology and Bright Apps ability to provide the software integration will help ensure that the USA has the safest, most secure communications.” – Greg McGregor, CEO Bright Apps LLC

“QRC America LLC is excited to be partnering with Bright Apps LLC to help support the safest and most secure communication for the United States and its global allies.” – Charles Harvey, US Representative  

About QRC America

QRC Americas Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of QRCrypto ( group). They are the proposers of the “eAES” undergoing a study period at ISO/IEC SC27, which first got ANSI’s support, likewise of major US allies and partners and was subsequently initiated in presence of NIST.  The “eAES” (  )  is a Quantum Safe PQC encryption algorithm that provides lightweight quantum-resistant encryption to secure financial, critical infrastructure, and IoT, while keeping CAPEX low thanks to its backwards compatibility with existing AES optimizations.

Leapfrogging current technologies to develop” quantum-safe” SIM cards using eAES encryption to secure the $4,000,000,000,000 “trillion” per year of mobile transactions in developing countries that is currently not encrypted,  they are leaders in the ISO, ITU-T, and ETSI standards bodies for symmetric quantum-resistant cryptography. It is applied to domains as diverse as IPTV (ITU-T X.1197 amd1, 2019), 5G & global financial security.  Last but not least, eAES is currently undergoing NIST FIPS 140-2 evaluation, expected to be completed by Q2, 2020.

Contact: QRC America LLC, 1201 Wilson Boulevard, 22209 Arlington, Virginia, USA

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