Creating a Culture of Innovation

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October 4, 2018/0 Comments/by Bright Apps LLC 5 tips to drive successful innovation for long term business sustainability It is an extraordinary time for innovation. The last 50 years have inspired more technological development than ever before. Technology is changing daily, and industry disruption is continuing at momentous speed. Digital information is linking individuals, organizations, and nation in ways that are … Read More

Why Building Data Security into All Your Applications is Important

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May 2, 2018/0 Comments/by Bright Apps LLC IT security has recently gotten a lot of attention in the mainstream press especially with CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, testifying in court last month to answer questions about how the company protects its users’ data.  However, Facebook isn’t the first to see privacy of data being compromised. Retail giant Target paid $18.5 million … Read More

Why you need to implement quantum technologies now!

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It was December 31, 1999 at 11:59 pm when the whole world waited for the moment when midnight would strike, and Y2K would crash the networked computers everywhere.  People around the world anticipated their biggest fears – what would happen with no air traffic control, power, water, or telephone communications networks that were all controlled by networked computer systems. Doomsday … Read More