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5 Steps to Executing Your Career-Based Move

Maybe your current employer is transferring you to an office in another state, or perhaps you were offered a role with better compensation in a new city. Managing a long-distance move can be stressful, particularly when you’re moving with your children and pets, but outsourcing software development projects to Bright Apps can lighten your workload! In the meantime, this guide will help you map out every step of your upcoming move.

How to Build Your Business Website While Prioritizing Corporate Growth

For your company to truly succeed, your website needs to be more than just a pretty face that represents your product and services. While that is important, you also need to build your site so that it can give you the data that you need to see your company grow to new heights. To do that, you’ll need to harness different technologies and process analyses. Here at Bright Apps, we know how important software and digital processes can be, so we have some tips for what you can use to grow your enterprise.

Small Business Services That Can Help You Grow

As a small business owner, you already know that you can’t do it all alone. No matter how hard you try, being a one man band makes it almost impossible to be effective in all aspects of your company. There are many businesses and services that can help you operate more efficiently, and, sometimes, with only a very small investment. What are they? Six are listed below, presented by Bright Apps.