Bright Apps and Dispatch Announce Partnership

WALNUT CREEK, CA — August 28, 2018 — The software development company Bright Apps LLC and blockchain startup Dispatch are announcing a partnership today to develop a new enterprise-ready blockchain protocol and ecosystem based on the innovative Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS) algorithm. Dispatch will be the first blockchain protocol to leverage on-chain smart […]

Optimizing Your Bottom Line with Blockchain

What is Blockchain In the beginning, blockchain was just a computer science term for how to structure and share data.  But today, blockchain is considered as one of the catalysts that has ignited “The Fifth Industrial Revolution” of computing.  Think of blockchain as a multitude of distributed databases by a group of individuals rather than […]

What is the Difference Between a Blockchain and a Database?

As stated in their guide “What is Blockchain Technology?”, the difference between a traditional database and a blockchain begins with architecture, or how the technologies are orchestrated. A database running on the World Wide Web is most often using a client-server network architecture. A user (client) with permissions associated with their account can change entries that […]

What the Fifth Industrial Revolution will Bring

If we analyze waves of innovation throughout history, the industrial revolution paved the way for what would come next in future inventions.  The Industrial Revolution happened far back in history starting in the 18th century and into the 19th century that turned hand production methods into machines, new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes exploded and the use […]

Blockchain Creating the Greater Good

The world is full of good people and bad people.  If you are reading this, chances are you have been taken advantage of somewhere, sometime, in your lifetime.  In fact, many of you have probably been cheated of your inventions and millions of potential dollars. Many of you wanted to fight for what was right, […]

2018: Unlimited Possibilities as AI Unites with Blockchain

While the race is on for the next generation of advanced smart technologies, one prediction seems clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will unite with blockchain.  While AI has proven to provide real-world business applications, together with blockchain the two joining creates needed security and efficiency, as well as, help understand decisions made by AI. AI […]

Cryptocurrency Still Growing!

BTC Manager just came out with the top 20 crypto companies to look out for and our partner Utopi made the list!  BTC Manager just came out with the top 20 crypto companies to look out for and our partner Utopi made the list!  The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, came out in 2009.  Since then more than 1384 […]

Are Cyrptocurrencies Here to Stay?

The first recorded bubble crash dates to February 1637 in Holland, called “Tulip Mania” when the sales of tulip bulbs skyrocketed at soaring prices. The tulip was different from every other flower known to Europe at that time, with its intense petal color that no other plant had.  Soon it would become a status symbol […]